Mechanical 4th Semester Previous Question Papers

Ok i just got these an i am uploading them for you guys to share an download….if i have learned anything from CUSAT university question papers,it is that they follow the same pattern(in most cases) analyzing these you will get a better idea of what’s going to show up an what’s not…so have fun with these!!!

Click here for Download page(dont mind the title given in the download page…these are 4th sem not 3rd)


  1. Sahil K.A   •  

    Da i guess this is Mechanical Engineering 3rd Semester Question papers !! please check and Correct !! ;)

  2. @rjun   •  

    no it is 4th sem…i hav 3rd sem too

  3. @rjun   •  

    dey better compress into a single file to avoid mess and give a description along with it xplainin the files within

  4. Sahil K.A   •  

    da but when we go on to the link it says " ME_3rd sem.exe " …. thats why i ask so ?

  5. @rjun   •  

    ooops…a mistake

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