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CUSAT LAST RANK Third Allotement




B.TechPhotonics  allotment as per 05/07/2011



  • Manish anand

    Sir, i want to know that how spot admission is carried out, is that on first come first serve basis? and in which branches it is carried out .?

    • Sreehari

      When there is still seats left after the final allotment , the remaining seats are filled through spot admission.
      A date will be announced and interested students can attend the spot admission with necessary data(admit card,id ,etc..)
      All the students details will be noted and among them most eligible candidates are allotted.

  • Manish anand

    Sir, what would be tentative date and seats for spot admission?i hav 12714 cat rank and i am belong to general payment seat .is there any chance for me getting safety and fire technology?

  • Manish anand

    Sir,can you kindly tell me the approx number of students that will appear for spot admission this year from past trends .please sir .

    • CusatXpress

      We cant make a correct number now.. as it purely depends on the demand !

  • anu

    sir, my cat rank is 7836. i belong to gen category. will i get any branch in any of the cusat colleges? if yes, which branch can i expect?

    • CusatXpress

      Expect for IT branch in SOE CUSAT … !

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  • anu

    sir, my cat rank is 7836. i belong to gen category. will i get any branch in any of the cusat colleges? if yes, which branch can i expect? plz help me.


    sir,i wouldlike to know whether the allotment depends upon plus two marks.
    please do reply

    • CusatXpress

      Plus two marks are made the basis of Eligiblility in CUSAT.. 50 % in PCM makes you eligible for admission !

  • http://CusatXpress AMBADI

    sir after the first allotment my waiting list number is 1974 for IT AND 1722 FOR SF.DO I HAVE A CHANCE TO GET ALLOTED IN THE 2 ND OR 3RD ALLOTMENT

    • Sahil K.A

      Third may be !

  • abhishek kumar

    sir my rank in cusat is 5411 in general from non keralite,then can i get me or ec in main campus till third allotment.please tell me sir immediately,i am confused it at all.

    • Sahil K.A

      No you dont have hope in EC or ME in main campus !

  • Bipin

    My Rank in CAT is 19847 (under ETB 1880).Is there any possibility of getting admission for computer science engineering or IT or civil? can i have any chance of getting in cusat ?

    • Sahil K.A

      chance for IT Bipin !!

  • ullas

    sir my rank is 4365 am a non keralite general..
    could i have chance for IT at soe??

  • achu

    sir, my waiting list in C.S is 340 in E.T.B and 2016 in general. Will i get admission in 2nd or 3rd allotment ?
    Please reply sir….

  • Sudheer


    My nephew’s CAT rank is 5140 and he opted ECE as his first option. Is there chance to get allotment for this branch any any of CUSAT colleges? If not, which one he can expect? Please let me know.

    • Sahil K.A

      You said applied for ECE , never said in which college… look ECE in SOE CUSAT is low chance… He do stand a chance for EC in CUCEK !

  • Puja

    i hv got 16000 CAT rank and i’m NSC(national schedule cast)
    is there any chance for me to get IP OR computer science ?

    • Sahil K.A

      Yes chance for IT !

  • http://deleted Bipin

    Aftr the 2nd allotment i didnt get any seat in cusat university my rank 19847(under ETB 1880 ) is there any chance in the allotment sir. ma IT waitng list is 186 sir is any chance of getting this in 3rd allotment? what is this real time allotment sir any hope in there? for me

    • Sahil K.A

      yup you have a slight hope in Third allotment…. Else in real allotment

      Real allotement is something called Spot admission also…. when they call a Range of ranks say 6000-8000 , the students in the range must report at the campus and they have to register there… Then according to the registered names the students will be called with Lowest rank First policy…the Real allottemnts will continue untill the seats are fully filled…

      • Arjun

        During the real time allotement,do they ask questions?i mean,should we prepare and go?or is it just analysing the ranks.?and they take our 12th marks into consideration aswell?
        Please replay sir.

        • CusatXpress

          Nope.. nothing like that.. its not a interview !

        • Public relations officer

          Its just taking your certificates and filing it.. confirming your admission.. thats all !!

  • agam kumar

    sir after second allotment my waiting status in it is 1217 and cs is 1425 is there chance to clear in third allotment if no then tell me sir what did i do ahead plzzz suggest me sir

    • Sahil K.A

      Nope .. i dont seee hope with the above Waiting list ranks !!

  • Midhun

    Sahil bhai, if I get in IT1F or IT2F in 3rd allotment, is there any chances to get CS2F or CS1F later?

    • Sahil K.A

      Ask the Question clearly !!

  • http://www.cusatxpressquestionhub agam kumar

    sir plz give me detail in real time allotment

    • Sahil K.A

      Nope not in real time allotement also !!

  • Bipin

    Aftr the 2nd allotment didnt get any seat in cusat university my rank 19847(under ETB 1880 ) is there any chance in the allotment sir. ma IT waitng list is 186 in ETB category and in general its above 2000+ . sir is there any hope left for me?

  • vineet

    my waiting status ce2 -860,it2-663,cs2-904,ee&ec2-986 after second allotment in general is there any hope

  • Anand

    Sir my CAT rank is 549… waiting rank after second allotment in SHPF = 28 (from 171)

    Do i stand a chance in third allotment ?

    Sir, 1 more doubt ….i got civil in first allotment and already remitted fees….So, if i am not getting SHPF in third allotment, do i have to report for real time allotment ?

  • niyas

    sir,,my cat rank is 1805,,can i get mech in main campus

    • Anand

      I am not an expert ok? But i think to get mech at soe, you need to get rank inside 1000…when i went for councelling, i met a mech student there ..he told me ….
      But you will surely get ECE,EEE,CSE….

  • gaurav kumar

    sir please reply rank 5921 (general,nonkerlite).may i have any chance to get any seat in both campus in real time allotment.

  • Alok

    SAHIL SIR,mera rank 2591 hai aur mai non keralite general category se hu. kya mujhe koi branch kisi campus me mil sakta hai?

  • vishnuprathap

    Hai bro am having 8596 rnk under general category and 823 under ETB reservation and 170 under ex-serviceman reservation…will i get merit seat fro ME in main campus or in SOE and CUCEK..also just want to know for which allotment i’ve to wait…

  • Amal

    hai brother i just want to know that from todays news paper there are lot of seats available in cusat,i just want to know whether they would do or publish further allotment list…………plz help me bro……………

  • Sahil K.A

    Yes heard 350 seats still remaining…. !!

  • Sahil K.A

    if the seats are not filled by this allotement they will be calling spot councelling !!!

  • agam kumar

    sir my cusat cat rank is 6635 i belong to general pribate category will i get in any branch in any of cusat college;if yes which branch can i ex pect

  • Sahil K.A

    IT and CS in CUCEK !