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  1. betssy jose   •  

    May I know….if my mark in the entrance exam of CUSAT is 350 out of 750… is there a chance of getting a seat there…I don’t have any caste reservations or others…I am a keralate living in chennai….can you help me to know abt this.. pls ?

  2. Akhil Anand   •  

    Hai..suhail bhai..please upload high quality scanned version of Cusat Cat 2012 question paper…this poor clarity question paper makes alot of misunderstandings….please try to upload as soon as possible..brother

    • Sahil K.A   •     Author

      Hii Akhil… Sorry for the troubles caused. This low quality version is all that i can get…Sorry ! try it as just a reference..Thanks!!

      • Akhil Anand   •  

        ok….most of the among questions are not so clear in view..especially Powers of x….it makes a lot troubles(misunderstandings)…anyway thanks for this question paper..
        I’m from Cochin,I’m going to write CAT on 10th June 2012….by part of preparations i found this blog..its helpful…but please upload also the answer keys of previous year question papers..

  3. Eldho   •  

    Hai Suhail chetta,

    Thanx for uploading the question paper of CAT 2012.
    Even though it is of low clarity , it is really helpful.

    • Sahil K.A   •     Author

      @Eldho.. Thanks Man !! Its Sahil !!

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