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The Departmental Admission Test 2013 for admissions to Ph.D and M.Phil programmes of the Department of Physics 
is scheduled to be held on the 30th of  May 2013.  The Admission Card for all the candidates is  already despatched.  
Candidates who are not in receipt of the same are  requested to  download the Admission Card and   follow the instructions.



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KOCHI: The finance department of the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) has levied 18% penal interest from three department heads for delay in remitting unutilized funds for the 2012-13 academic year. The decision was taken to ensure that such funds and advances drawn for purchasing equipment, holding seminars and other departmental activities were refunded or bills submitted within the stipulated time by department heads.

The move comes amidst Cusat’s audit observation that “the situation of advances drawn not being settled in a timely manner still continues. Unutilized funds are also not being refunded immediately after the event. Also university is facing severe financial crisis”.

“More than 500 advances to various departments are lying unadjusted over the last 3 to 4 years after they failed to submit detailed vouchers or bills. But now there is a government order asking us to charge penal interest for delays in utilizing the advance money released,” said Cusat finance officer Sebastian Ouseph.

However, the Cochin University Teachers Association (Cuta) has objected to the move and taken up the matter with the vice-chancellor. Cuta in its letter stated that “…regarding the levy of penal interest for unsettled advances, we once again request you to take steps to withdraw the circular. The audit section is overwhelmingly eager to see that the HODs pay penal interest in all purchases made during 2012-13 out of the UGC XIth plan funds. This unfriendly attitude of the audit section will make the HODs to desist from making any more purchases or conduct of events in the coming years”.

Cusat in a circular had stated that the quantum of advance proposed to be drawn should be based on realistic estimates so as to avoid situations of huge unspent balance after the event.

The circular added that to ensure that money is not kept idle, any unspent amount should be remitted back and bills submitted within three months or 18% penal interest will be levied for the same. In special circumstances, when it is not possible to adjust the advance within three months as in the case of subscription of journals and purchase of imported equipment, bills need to be submitted in a month of incurring the expenditure.BOX: It’s a fine move

  • Decision taken to ensure funds and advances drawn for buying equipment, holding seminars and other activities were refunded or bills submitted in stipulated time
  • More than 500 advances to various departments are lying unadjusted over the last 3 to 4 years after they failed to submit detailed vouchers or bills
  • CUSAT circular has stated that the quantum of advance proposed to be drawn should be based on realistic estimates so as to avoid situations of huge unspent balance

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Refund to students who were admitted under payment category but later upgraded to free category and to those who cancelled admissions upto 13.08.2012 was sanctioned with University Orders.
Students who have been overlooked in the U.O.’s referred above, students who became eligible for further refund by virtue of U.O.No.Ac.A4/9411/2011 dated 13.08.2012, students who paid full admission fees during spot admissions, students who cancelled admission upto the date of closing of admission were found eligible for refund, further.

Sanction is therefore accorded by the Vice-Chancellor for the refund is in the PDF . Please dowload

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  • S5,S7 – Last date without Fine : 3 May 2013
    Last date with fine : 14 May 2013
  • S3 – Last date without Fine : 3 June 2013
    Last date with fine : 10 June 2013

S7 Timetable

4/6/13 – 701
6/6/13 – 702
11/6/13 – 703
13/6/13 – 704
18/6/13 – 705

S5 Timetable

20/6/13 – 501
26/06/13 – 502
28/06/13 – 503
2/7/13 – 504
4/7/13 – 505
8/7/13 – 506

S3 Timetable

25/6/13 – 301
27/6/13 – 302
1/7/13 – 303
3/7/13 – 304
5/7/13 – 305
9/7/13 – 306

Click here to download the notifiction : 

Thanks to Kiran Gopinath for Updated Information and Notification . 

Thanks to Nithin John for the timetable

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here are the previous year question papers of CUSAT CAT.Download them and if you found it useful please appreciate the effort !

Test for First Degree Programmes in Engineering & Technology/Lateral Entry Programmes

Test for Post Graduate Programmes

Test for Graduate Programmes

Test for Post Graduate Programmes

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Though the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) doesn’t have an architecture department, the university’s academic council has given approval to amend the university statute to set up a faculty in architecture.

This is being done, as the council of architecture has clearly stipulated that an affiliating university should create an independent faculty of architecture, which consists of dean and board of studies in architecture, for proper growth and development of architecture course and also to prepare syllabus, course curriculum and scheme of exams.

Meanwhile, the Cochin University Teachers Association (CUTA) alleged that the decision was taken to help a private architecture college, which recently sought affiliation from Cusat.

The Cusat vice-chancellor in the academic council meeting on March 27 was not in favour of amending the statute to start faculty in architecture, amidst concerns that with no architecture faculty available in the university, they would have to nominate members from private institutes in the board of studies and even as Dean of Architecture, thereby giving entry and dominance to private faculty from private colleges. “This is something that has never happened in the university in the past,” said an official, who was present at the academic council meeting.

In a note to the academic council, it was informed that TKM School of Architecture, Kollam, has submitted a proposal for considering the regulation and syllabus for the 5-year full-time architecture course.

“The syndicate at its meeting held on November 15, 2012, has resolved to take steps to add a faculty of architecture amending the Cochin University First Statutes, 1980. It also resolved that the vice-chancellor to be authorized to constitute an inspection committee as and when faculty is incorporated in the statutes,” the note stated.

“Since this is an academic activity, the matter has to be placed before the academic council to finalize the structure of board of studies and faculty, including that of draft amendment to be made in the Cochin University First Statutes,” the note stated.

“University doesn’t have any architecture course and therefore there is no need to have an architecture faculty. But this decision has been taken to help a private institute,” alleged CUTA president K Sreekumar.

However, Cusat registrar A Ramachandran said, “We had two requests from private architecture colleges, seeking affiliation from us to start the course from 2013-14. As we don’t have any faculty in architecture, the matter was placed before the academic council to amend the statutes. The same was approved”.


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KOCHI: The Cochin University of Science and Technology ( Cusat) has received frequency allotment for the Stratosphere Troposphere (ST) Radar, coming up at the main campus. The radar will operate at 205 MHz frequency, according to the approval given by the wireless promotion and coordination (WPC) wing of the ministry of communications.

There was a delay in issuing the bandwidth by the Centre following controversies surrounding the 2G, 3G spectrum licences during the first UPA government.

The project will now speed up as the technical committee has approved the design of the radar. “The radar is being made by the Chennai-based Data Patterns (India) Pvt Ltd which has won the contract for supplying and installing the system,” said K Mohankumar, project director of ST Radar facility and professor at the department of atmospheric sciences.

The Rs 20-crore doppler radar is the first of its kind provided to a university by the ministry of science and technology for research purpose.

Meanwhile, work on the first phase of the 22,000-sq ft building, which will house the facility, is nearing completion. A total of 712 antenna elements will be installed at the facility which will provide information on weather, atmosphere and the monsoon.

The Times of India

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KOCHI: An academic delegation from a Mexican university visited Cochin University of Science and Technology on Monday to study how the institute has managed to successfully hatch and farm a valued freshwater shrimp species, Macrobrachium rosenbergil.

The Mexican university, Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, is eager to study the method adopted by Cusat to hatch and farm a valued freshwater shrimp species, Macrobrachium rosenbergil, as a similar species — Macrobrachium carcinus– which is found in Mexico is slowly becoming extinct.

Macrobrachium carcinus, which was distributed along the Latin American coast has now been put in the red list as it is considered to be an endangered species. “In Mexico along fishing of Macrobrachium carcinus is now permitted. But they fear that due to over exploitation, this shrimp species, which costs anything between Rs 1000 and Rs 1800 per kg, will soon become extinct even in Mexico. Therefore, since last two years they have been trying to hatch or farm them but without much success”, said Cusat registrar, A Ramachandran.

Cusat has entered an MoU with the Mexican university, enabling two Mexican students to come to Cusat to study the hatchery technology of Macrobrachium rosenbergil. Cusat would also help Mexico develop a hatchery technology that would enable them to successfully hatch Macrobrachium carcinus.

“They expressed a desire to visit Cusat after reading online the research papers published by Cusat on Macrobrachium rosenbergil farming and hatchery, for they want to effectively adopt the methods used by us to hatch Macrobrachium carcinus, which is put in the red list in South America. Therefore, we have entered an MoU with the Mexican university and hope this is the beginning of a new academic relation with Mexico”, said Cusat VC, Ramachandran Thekkedath

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Check your results


  • Date of publication of Results:17’th April, 2013.
  • Last dates for submitting applications for Scrutiny and Revaluation at the Respective Examination Centers are 26-04-2013 and 02-05-2013 respectively
  • Applications for Scrutiny and Revaluation are to be submitted on or before the last dates prescribed for the same only at the respective examn centers.
  • Under no circumstances the applications submitted after the last date prescribed or the applications submitted other than the exam centers will be accepted.
  • Incomplete and defective applications will be rejected summarily.

[pullquote] Last dates for submitting applications for Scrutiny and Revaluation at the Respective Examination Centers are 26-04-2013 and 02-05-2013 respectively [/pullquote]

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